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Become a Member of SFSTA

Please read this entire page before applying. You will be notified upon approval within 60 days. Thank you!

Review the following from the SFSTA Constitution and complete the Membership Application below.

    Section 2. Any person shall be eligible for membership who is regularly engaged for one year in the purchase and sale of securities from a trading desk to other dealers and brokers for a firm doing business from a location in California. Whenever a changed status removes eligibility as above, active membership shall close at the end of the fiscal year.
    Section 3. Any person qualified for active membership as stipulated in Section 2 may apply in writing to the membership chairman. The application will be considered at the next Board of Directors meeting. Approval of the Board of Directors shall be mandatory.
    Section 5. Any person of good standing in the security industry in California for a period of two years or longer who does not qualify under Section 2 may apply for membership as an associate member. An associate member shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association except the right to vote and hold office. Dues will be the same as regular membership.

References must be SFSTA Members you have known for past year.

QUESTIONS? Contact SFSTA @ 415-503-9399 or email at sfsta6@gmail.com.

Applications are reviewed at monthly Board Meetings. You will be notified of your acceptance or denial.

Payment must be made before your membership is complete. Yearly dues for Active Members are $150. After submitting your application, online payment will be available through the Membership Area of the website or you may call 415-503-9399 to pay by American Express, Visa or Master Card. Alternately, you may send a check to 268 Bush Street #923, San Francisco, CA 94104