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Please join Bank of America Merrill Lynch, SFSTA and WARDROBE FOR OPPORTUNITY at:

Saks Fifth Avenue, Beauty Counter
“Passport to Beauty” (includes: hand massages, lip reading, beauty bag, a discount on all purchases and more!)
April 21, 2016

Please join us at Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco for an afternoon of pampering along with a charitable clothing drive to support STA Women in Finance’s National clothing drive.

We will be working with Wardrobe for Opportunity. Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO) works in partnership with the community to assist low-income individuals in their efforts to Find a Job, Keep a Job, and Build a Career. Wardrobe for Opportunity is a successful and growing 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers low-income individuals from across the Bay Area with acquiring interview skills, professional clothing and the career support they need to become economically self-sufficient.

Wardrobe for Opportunity will take donations for women and men. Please donate items that are undamaged, clean, dry-cleaned, or ironed and on hangers (if clothing item).