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Hi SFSTA Members,

With the upcoming BART changes affecting many (but certainly not all) of our morning commutes to work we wanted to reach out and brainstorm some ideas. The current solution proposed by Bart below are bus routes that run from a handful of stations and get to SF (Salesforce Transit Center) beginning at 5:00.

More details available here:

BART Transbay Tube Earthquake Safety Service Plan Update PPT

We’re hoping that within the membership we will be able to put groups together that share the same commute.

If you’re interested in joining a distribution list for your specific commute please email back with the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Commute time and both where you get on BART and what station you exit.

We’re hoping these groups can come together and find the best way to navigate.

Please email information to mjellison@harvestcaps.com or ejwilliams@stifel.com and we will group together people with the same or similar commute.

Here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with and would appreciate any feedback/ideas you have on alternate solutions to the proposed BART bus routes. Thank you.


  • GIG Car Share – someone picks up a car and everyone meets at a meeting point. Gas and tolls are included in the fee and you drop the car off at a designated parking lot in downtown SF.
  • Chariot – have to get 50 ppl to get a route going with a handful of meeting points. They also have separate corporate accounts if there are enough people to justify the expense of setting a private route up.
  • Uber Pool/Lyft – don’t have to necessarily meet up but could just take from your home
  • Carpool – one person drives(maybe alternate every week), meets folks at a meeting point(bart station), everyone chips in. Not really sure how one(rider primarily) can expense this through FSA.
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